Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teen Choice Awards: Best Dressed

The Teen Choice Awards always bring out the stars for its fun and casual environment. The celebs walk a bright blue carpet and win surf boards for categories like Choice Movie: Best Hissy Fit, Choice Female/Male Hottie, and Choice TV: Personality. It's not your average awards show, but its also not your average awards show audience. As all awards are not voted by an academy filled with middle aged voters put together by the industry, but rather the fans of all ages. 

Because of the laid back setting many celebs take more liberty with their style choices. I've tried to stay away from some of these more cray cray outfits, opting for the more simplistic and fun summer dresses in this best dressed list. 

1. Shay Mitchell: This is red done right. Shay is matching with her red and black theme but not too matchy-matchy by pairing a silk blouse with an oversized sequin skirt. 
 2. Kaley Cuoco: I love these flowing fabric dresses, they're like fashionable waterfalls. Just gorgeous. 
 3. Nina Dobrev: She's very Dorothy in this outfit, but didn't make it too lost in Oz by being simple with her accessories and hairstyle. 
 4. Rachel Bilson: I love the neutral tones she sticks with. The white of the dress makes her look soft and feminine, but she adds an edge to her look through her studded taupe shoes. The shoes make this a good balance. 
5. Selena Gomez: She loves these grecian style dresses, and I don't blame her. She always looks remarkable in them. 
6. Blake Lively: Designer favorite Blake looks summery in her form fitting scoop neck tangerine dress. 

7. Avril Lavigne: Avril wins my most improved. She looks so so so good compared to her tie wearing, big skater pants roots. She also doesn't lose herself with this chic LBD look by adding her punk touch through the stars and stripes heels. 
8. Troian Bellisario: This is a very well made dress. The color is soft adding to the ruched billowing body. The wrapped black ribbon adds form and function through a bodice and straps. Troian looks like she could be in a high fashion Sparta. 
9. Kourtney Kardashian: The only thing I wish she had done with this look is to have belted it. Her waist appears to be slightly lost in the fabric. I love the sapphire blue color and cut revealing her slim and toned legs. 
10. Fergie: I know this is a crazy choice but its a perfect funky dress for the TCA's. Besides, polka dots and stars are making a huge come back this year! Fergie's just ahead of the fashion game. 

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