Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Help: Premiere Fashion

This week marks the release of The Help, based on the book by the same name. The stars all made it out to the premiere, some wore fantastic fashion while others missed the mark because of one choice. Below I work through some of these choices for better or for worse. 

Emma Stone wearing Chanel. I know its Chanel and you shouldn't question it, but I have to wonder if this look would be much better if she hadn't worn the sheer pink top. I think the dress alone would have been enough, and she could've added a dramatic neckpiece. The top could then have been worn for a more casual occasion, over a pair of jeans. 
 Bryce Dallas Howard. I LOVE this look. It reminds me of a disney character outfit, especially with the oversized bow in the back. Finding things to wear while pregnant is difficult, but Bryce does a great job of choosing the perfect dress. 
 Viola Davis. She looks so fantastic. The V-neck on the dress is just enough to make it flattering and not trashy. I also like the toga style crossing of the fabric across her chest. It adds another dimension to this ruby dress. 
 Octavia Spencer. This dress has a beautiful peach color with a cinched waist and flowing ruffles to accentuate her form. The crystal embellishments also help her earrings and bracelets pop! 
 Edwina Finley. Grecian dresses are always in style. Especially in white, the perfect summer color. Her gold accessories are just enough detail to add to her stunning cut and draped dress.
 Keeley Hazell. If you haven't realized by now with reading this blog, I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. This obsession extends to anything that may be reminiscent of the beloved story (and films based on such). The dress worn by Keeley is a good example. This sweet white play dress with strappy black heels in addition to her golden locks is an immediate reminder of Alice. Because of this, I am biased into loving this outfit. 
 Jessica Chastain. Purple is definitely the color of this summer, and Jessica made a great choice. Her dress has simple ruching for design purposes and sweetheart neckline. She uses delicate turquoise earrings to add another bit of color to her look. 
April Bowlby. The reason I chose this dress is simply because of its structure. It reminds me of a McQueen dress with the sturdy sleeves and bubble skirt. I also think the metallic gold color is complimentary to her skin.  
Garcelle Beauvais. At first I didn't know what to think of the outfit, but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. The bright colors make for an interesting color block combination. I wish she has used maybe a black belt instead of a printed one to create a more drastic difference between these neon colors. The other thing I would change is the shoes, they look sort of like Smurf feet right now. I would change them to some sort of sandal or black heels. 
Amy Smart. Do not judge this too quickly. This dress is actually fantastic, its just the accessories that have made it look drab. The problem is that there are too many themes going on. There's the country theme with floral print and then the metallic futuristic theme with the accessories. Maybe Amy meant to go to the Cowboys and Aliens premiere. The best way to change up this outfit to look fabulous would be to get rid of the silver booties, replace them with a gladiator leather sandal and replace the handbag with a sturdy brown leather handbag. This would keep the look at least in the same genre. 
Teresa Palmer. This look drives me crazy because it shows that one simple mistake can throw off an entire look. In this case, its her hair. Had Teresa put her hair up into a bun or high pony, she probably would have been a best dressed candidate. By putting her hair up, she would have drawn more attention to her face as well as the unique design feature on the neckline of the dress. 

What do you think of the fashion at The Help premiere? Love it or Hate it? Would you have changed anything?

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