Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Dressed Spotlight: Rachel Bilson

Heading into the back-to-school season, the thought of fall fashion starts bouncing around our minds. It's unclear if its our own mind telling us, "hey you know what would be great? If you bought some new clothes for yourself." Or it could be the trillion ads on television of dancing kids and adults celebrating buying new clothes for a new "year". Either way, fall fashion cannot be ignored and we must start deciding what type of cool weather clothes we want to sport for the season. 

If you're not sure yet what to wear, its always great to look at some of your favorite celebrities for inspiration. I find that Rachel Bilson is the perfect gal for the job. She has a midwest knitwear meets bohemian casual style. Rachel embraces the colder weather by opting for durable (yet fashionable) jackets and an array of boots. Her love of jeans cannot be missed, she wears just about every cut and color. This helps change up her look and makes her look put together without losing the comfort of a pair of jeans. You'll also notice that Rachel loves light jackets. She is often seen wearing blazers because of the ease of which to wear them and their ability to jazz up an outfit. 

If you pay close attention you can see how easy it is to replicate her looks. You only need a few mainstay items to do so; durable jacket (possibly military inspired for the cold weather), boots (choose the color you're most likely to wear), jeans (bell bottoms are back in), and a blazer (for the cooler days). 


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