Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MTV Movie Awards: Best Dressed

This years' MTV Movie Awards was not only funny but the fashion was also fantastic. One of my favorite parts about it was that people dressed to their personalities. I can't stand when a stylist dresses a celebrity completely different than their personality and image. It not only looks odd, but it makes the person uncomfortable. 

Now on to my Best Dressed list, first the women. 
1. Reese Witherspoon. As she is the recipient of the Generation Award, it's fitting that she should be best dressed. I love the print and heart cut. The Movie Awards are all about fun fashion & this is definitely a fun cocktail dress. 
2. Leighton Meester. I may get some slack for this choice but I hands down love it. I am such a fan of embellishments like sequins and reflective pieces. I wish it had been a little more fitted to her body, but I still love it. It's great that the design is sort of mismatched because it sets it apart from all the other mirrorball dresses. 
3. Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Rosie looks fantastic in this tiger print. It's not often that you see tiger print as zebra and leopard are more popular. I love how well she accessorized with this outfit; her shoes and handbag match brilliantly but remain understated. 
4. Mila Kunis. This outfit is so simple and chic. It is also so easy to replicate in your own life, which I think is fantastic. This is a great look to go to lunch, dinner or a night out with your girlfriends. It's very multi-faceted. This is also an example of the fact that you don't have to dress provocative to look good.  
5. Selena Gomez. I don't think anyone would have pulled this look off as well as Selena. The silk top and ruched skirt fit her body so well. It makes her look incredibly sophisticated. The tan and ivory coloring is also great for summer. 
Honorable Mentions (in no particular order). 
Blake Lively 
Katie Cassidy
Emma Stone
Emma Watson

Now on to the men
1. Ryan Gosling. It is no secret on this blog that I adore the way Ryan dresses. He has such a unique style that suits him perfectly. His outfit at the Movie Awards was no different. When he walked on stage, I was in aw of his ability to pair such different pieces of clothing together. Wearing a rough leather jacket, black v-neck and blue trousers he looked the essence of cool. 
2. Ryan Reynolds looks classy casual as always. A mix of the Hamptons summer meets London elegance. Just by layering a casual cardigan he changes the entire look of this outfit to a more comfortable chic. 
3. Xavier Samuel. What a way for Xavier to stand out on his own; wearing a great black three piece suit with a vintage style waistcoat. He looks extremely well groomed and clean cut, and what gals don't like that?
4. Jason Sudeikis. I always believe the host should be one of the best dressed of any evening because they will be the one you look at throughout the night. Jason definitely looked the part in his charcoal gray suit and royal blue tie. I love the small details of the pocket square and tie clip. 
5. Tom Felton. The winner of the best villain award looks tranquil in this nautical inspired look. Wearing a navy striped white shirt and matching navy blazer and trousers, Tom looks ready for the sea. Or at the very least a night at the country club. 

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What were some of your favorite looks for the night? Do you agree/disagree with mine? 

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