Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion Forward Rain Wear

It may be the first day of Spring, but the weather outside doesn't reflect this. Today is our first hint at April showers to come. Due to the deplorable weather, I have compiled a list of fashion forward rain wear. 

The first thing everyone should own are Hunter Boots. These are the perfect rain, sleet, mud boots. I have a particular love of the Original Tall version. They go up to the knee making sure cold rain and mud can't get on you. I prefer a darker color for these boots, but they come in every color you could imagine. 
 Purchase at Hunter Boots for $125

If you want an upgraded version of these, try the collaboration of Jimmy Choo and Hunter Boots. They offer a crocodile embossed print. 
 Purchase at Jimmy Choo for $425

There's no doubt that the rain jacket is the most important part of looking fashionable in horrible weather. 

If you want a high end investment jacket, I would go with Loro Piana's Horsey. It's a fantastic jacket with a drawstring waist (always great to add shape to a jacket!), rain and wind resistant cuffs, detachable inner vest, and a deerskin collar. It is all weather and is part of the official uniform of the Italian Equestrian Jumping Team. Comes in both Men's and Women's. 
Purchase at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,995

My second choice is a more cost effective option than the Loro Piana jacket above. It is the Barbour Beaufort Jacket. This Barbour all-weather jacket is wax waterproofed with corduroy collar, tartan lining, and moleskin lined hand warmer pockets. This is Barbour's most popular design though they do offer more fashionable options as well. Check out their other Women's jackets HERE. The Beaufort jacket comes in both men's and women's. 
Purchase at Orvis for $400. 

After you have gotten the essentials to your rainy day outfit, you can add some fun. If you hate that wet pant feeling, try wearing leggings instead. With leggings you can really pay whatever amount you want. To me, leggings are leggings no matter who made them. Don't spend a lot of money on them because you can spend that extra money on accessories!
Purchase at Bloomingdales for $25

To get that warm and cozy feeling, get knee high socks. These will make the boots more comfortable as well. Put them on over your leggings.
Purchase at Neiman Marcus for $40

The last item I recommend is a bright and colorful scarf. You need some color on such a dreary day and this is the best way to do it! 
The first scarf is Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Purchase at Macy's for $78

Second scarf is Tilo Water Drops scarf. 
Purchase at Shopbop for $125

The last is the Theodora and Callum Navajo Tie All scarf

Let me know what you think of my rainy day choices! 

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