Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SAG Awards: Best Dressed

It has taken me a few days to process the fashion from the SAG awards, but I am now ready to make my top 10 best dressed list. You'll notice that there a bunch of Glee ladies on the list, I swear I'm not biased! I've never actually watched the show, but whoever does their fashion is incredible. The girls always look great. 

1. Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen. I really love how light and flow-y the dress is. However, I wish it was in a different color so that it didn't look so much like blood. If you just look at it as a dress, you really see how beautiful it is. This is the first of the ladies on the list who wore a belt in order to cinch their waist in. 
2. Claire Danes in Louis Vuitton. Claire loves to wear very modern, simplistic looking gowns so I loved that fact that she switched it up this time and wore a print. She also was a part of the belt trend. 
3. Dianna Agron in Chanel haute couture. I find Dianna to be a perfect example of elegance in young Hollywood. This Chanel dress was beautiful with a great above the ankle hemline. It was a bit of a twist from her usual dresses which are usually long gowns with trains. I also found the bow to be a very feminine soft touch. She also went simple with almost no jewelry. 
4. Julia Stiles in Monique Lhuillier. The ombre trend has been huge this year, from hair to fashion. We last saw a ombre dress at the Golden Globes on Olivia Wilde. This navy ombre dress is entirely different. It's light and soft and really plays up Julia's eyes. She also opted for some great sapphire chandelier earrings. 
 5. Amber Riley in Anne Barge. This dress was actually a wedding gown that the designer personally changed to black for Amber. I absolutely love it. It really compliments her figure, the one shoulder is drapery is fantastic. 
6. Lea Michele in Oscar De La Renta. Lea is seriously channeling the 70s in this skin tight, deep v neck silver dress. The metallic lamé belt only adds to the look. 
 7. Kyra Sedgwick in Thierry Mugler. I love black silhouettes. This black Mugler dress is perfect for Kyra because of her slender figure. Since she is in such good shape, she doesn't need a dress to cover her up, instead she needs a dress that flatters her and is age appropriate. This dress accomplishes both. 
 8. Annette Bening in Tony Ward couture gown. This is another woman who knows how to dress her age. The crystal encrusted neckline was absolutely dazzling. 
 9. Naya Rivera in Aurelio Costarella. This is probably a much more grown up look than she should have worn but that's my only problem with it. I really loved the shimmery metallic dresses at this year's SAG's. They were almost all form fitting and breathtakingly beautiful because of the ornate crystal details. 
 10. Kim Kardashian in Marchesa. I am a HUGE Marchesa fan. I think they could do (almost) no wrong. It is no surprise that the Fashion Queen-in-training would wear Marchesa to the SAG awards. If you watch the Kardashians style choices enough, you will notice they adore the color purple. And why not? If a color suits you well, you should keep wearing it! 
Best Dressed Men. For this I chose two, who I thought really exuded great fashion at the SAG's. 
1. Colin Firth. This is how a man should dress. He looked like a winner, it was not a surprise that he later won. He looks clean, well tailored, and confident. If you didn't know already, I have a love of bow ties and he can definitely pull off the bow tie.
2. Justin Timberlake. I chose Justin almost entirely on his tie. Most men wear monochrome ties to the SAG's. There's only so many black suits and ties you can see before you go crazy. I really liked the fact that his tie featured two white stripes set diagonally. It really caught your eye to what he was wearing, which was great. 
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