Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ombre Hair Part 2

Since our other Ombre Hair post was so popular, I've decided to write another one. I wanted to highlight some of the other options you have with Ombre Hair, including color!!
First, here are some celebrities with normal shaded hair colors:
 Isabel Lucas
 Raven Symone
Lily Aldridge

I've noticed that one of the big trends right now is to do ombre hair with un-natural colors; especially blue. If you want a drastic change blue is definitely the way to go.  Pink is also a great color for end highlights because it looks soft and feminine. If you have darker hair, get your ends stripped of your original color before putting on a new color. This way the new color appears stronger and isn't affected by your original color. 
 Rachel McAdams
 Kelly Osbourne
 Lady Gaga
 Tallulah Morton
 Kate Shillingford

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