Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Blues? Cheer up with these winter must haves!

In the northeast, we just had another huge storm. The weathermen are saying it's between 18-24in of snow. 

To beat these winter woes, I've compiled a list of some of my winter must-haves. 
1. Hot Cocoa/chocolate. This is the perfect remedy for a cold.
2. Burt's Bees Lip Balm. I have to have burt's bees to get through the winter months. The best part is the cooling sensation from the peppermint.
3. Essie Nail Polish. When you're trapped in the house during a storm, what better way to kill time than to paint your nails. You can make it into an arts & craft project by making elaborate designs. I love Essie because of the creamy consistency of the polish, especially for crazy colors. 
 4 & 5. Slippers and socks. I could not live without either of these in the winter. I'm always freezing. I have a wide variety of both. My favorite slippers being the Ugg slippers 
My second favorite are from restoration hardware, and they are called foot duvets. It's basically like having your feet in blankets. 
 For socks, I absolutely adore holiday socks. I think they're hilarious and fun. My favorites are the Halloween and Christmas socks. It makes your day a lot better knowing you're wearing the ugliest best socks ever. 

6. Scarves. When I think winter scarves, it is definitely The Bigger The Better. Though they can feel like your being suffocated, they are quite possibly one of the best ways to stay warm. For winter I prefer a cotton or cashmere scarf so that it keeps the warmth and doesn't scratch your neck. 
7. Soup. Who can go all winter long without soup? I definitely cannot. My favorite being french onion and after that its a sort of battle between Chicken Noodle, Beef Stew, and Chili (yes I know thats not exactly a soup, but its part of that hot liquid category). 
8. Bow Headbands. I love these in winter because it adds a little something extra to your outfit. It's also pretty acceptable to wear a gigantic bow on your head during the holidays, without someone doing a double take. 
9. Emergen-C. This is crucial if you want to stay healthy during the flu &cold season. Just pour a packet into your bottled or glass of water and you're set for the day. 
10. Films & TV seasons on DVD. Winter is the only time of year that you have the excuse to be a total sloth in your house because of the weather. Because of this, it is the best time to catch up on some great TV shows and films you may have missed. I'm currently watching every season of Dawson's Creek & absolutely loving it. 

So there's my list for some of my favorite winter must haves! Hope you find use in them & keep warm in this already freezing cold winter. 

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  1. Love the post! I actually have a pair of the foot duvet slippers and they keep my feet super warm and they are very comfortable!!