Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Health Secrets: Lemon Water

I not only want you to look good and feel good on the outside, I also want to help you feel good on the inside. I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to taking care of my body. I eat almost entirely organic (yes I do occasionally slip up) and it has helped me feel really good about my body and health. I rarely get sick or injured (other than the common cold once a year).

Now I'm not trying to persuade you into being organic. I'd rather give you some tips on simple ways you can improve your health each day.

The first tip is one of my absolute favorite things. I drink this everyday and love it. 
It's Lemon Water. Simple right? 
Just by squeezing half of a fresh lemon into a glass of water each day, you can aid your body in a number of ways. (If you can't get fresh lemons, try using the squeezable lemon juice containers). 

1. It helps your skin glow. Lemons are filled with Vitamin C which help your skin from the inside out. They are a good anti-aging remedy and can reduce wrinkles and blackheads. You can also put lemon juice on scars to reduce their appearance.

2. Is a blood purifier. Lemons have been used for treating diseases like cholera or malaria because if purifies your blood. It acts as an alkaline which helps neutralize the pH level of your blood. 

3. Helps with weight loss. Lemon water taken with honey can reduce body weight. 

4. Good for dental care. You can apply lemon juice to a toothache and it will get rid of the pain. If massaged into gum, it can stop gum bleeding. 

5. Cures throat infections.  Lemons have an antibacterial property that can help cure a sore sthroat or throat infections. It is also good at relieving bad breath from bacteria. 

6. Helps control blood pressure. Lemons are high in potassium, which can help control blood pressure and nausea. They also can relieve stress! 

7. Reduce fever. It can help reduce a fever from the cold or flu by increasing your perspiration. 

8. Cure respiratory disorders. Lemon water can cure respiratory problems as well as breathing problems. 

9. Treat Arthritis. Lemons are a diuretic which means they can help treat arthritis and rheumatism. It can rid the body of toxins and bacteria. 

10. Helps your stomach. Lemons are great for your digestion! They can help heartburn, nausea, and parasites. It is a liver tonic by helping your liver create more bile. The bile in your liver is used to help digest your food more easily. The lemons can also decrease the amount of phlegm your body creates.

So now you know some of the great health benefits of lemon water, why not try it? Let me know how it goes!

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  1. Dear Chickey, what a good post, i had no idea that lemon water was high in potassium or that it could help in controlling blood pressure.

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