Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Dressed: Critics' Choice Awards

There were some really incredible fashions at this year's Critics' Choice Awards. I've compiled my top ten below. Black and White was definitely the trend with a few shades of color strewn here and there.

1. Mila Kunis. I am absolutely in love with this look. It's a very romantic look with the soft sheer fabric and gentle pleating combined with the satin ribbons for her waistline and shoes. This look definitely gives a nod to her character Lily in Black Swan. It was a perfect decision on her part because it also compliments her complexion and dark hair perfectly.
2. Hailee Steinfeld. For a newcomer, she chose a great dress. The nude color looks effortless as it blends with her skin tone. Her messy loose hair helps maintain her youthful energy and image. The only thing I would change would be the shoes, they look a little too golden yellow for the rest of the look.
 3. Mandy Moore. This plum gown is so simple and elegant. It's very much a representation of her. She exudes class and this was a great choice for her.
 4. Kim Kardashian. As always Kim wore a knockout outfit. This dress has an almost phoenix look about it with its tangerine color and ruffled mermaid skirt.The silk really complements her famous form.
 5. Emma Stone. With her new blonde hair, this shimmery silver dress was a great choice. It fits her body perfectly and the chained neck gives a little extra pizazz to the look.
 6. Michelle Williams. This is a much more conservative look than some of the other dresses at the Critics' Choice, but its not so conservative that it makes her look older than she is. The embellishments add just enough detail without going over the top.
 7. Natalie Portman. This black and white dress is very classic and elegant. Compared to some of the other dresses she has been wearing since announcing her pregnancy, this the best by far. She has found the correct way to still be beautiful and sophisticated while being pregnant.
 8. Keri Hilson 9. Lala Vazquez. Both these girls look fantastic. Keri kept it fun in this cocktail dress. The sheer neckline helps the dress look fabulous and not trashy. Lala opted for an elegant white dress with a subtle criss-cross of a pearl ribbon. 
 10. Eva Mendes. This is one of the more over the top looks of the evening. But I really happen to like the dramatically oversized bow. I am always a sucker for black lace over a nude dress.
Now I also have to add to the list my best dressed male. It may seem like an obvious choice because I am completely biased to him as of late, but I've chosen Ryan Gosling. 

He has had an amazing transformation this past year when it comes to fashion. I give a huge kudos to his stylist for making him one of the best dressed men in Hollywood. He was the only nominated actor of the evening to take a risk with his look and it definitely paid off. The dark violet color of the jacket is incredible with the soft velvet lapel. The choice to not wear a tie and opt for a slightly un-buttoned white collar shirt gave this a relaxed look. A good style for the relaxed environment of the Critics' Choice Awards. The best part about this outfit is that it fits! All too often men wear over sized jackets or pants because they don't get them tailored correctly.
Do you agree or disagree with some of my choices? Are there any others you think I missed?

I'll also be uploading a Golden Globes Fashion run down so make sure to check back here in a couple days! 

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  1. I had to do a double take on emma stone she looks amazing as a blonde.