Thursday, January 27, 2011

Airport Attire with Mandy Moore

This is my first Airport Attire post with a female and I'm very excited to announce that it's Mandy Moore. She is such a great person to represent fashion. She wears many iconic and sophisticated pieces but also remains youthful in her eclectic array of accessories. She really has fun with fashion and I think that's what you have to do. It has to make you happy first and foremost. 

Her recent trip through the airport is no exception to her funky cool style. Here we see her dressing up her winter wear with some boho meets midwest accessories.
 This hat is fantastic. Really adds a playful quality to her look. Try looking for a vintage hat in a consignment or antique store to get that real worn in look. It definitely will add more character to any outfit you wear. (Remember people have become genetically larger-skull and all- since the 30/40s/50s so don't be surprised if the hats seem small. If you're a girl, try looking through the men's hats!)
 The glasses are also a fun part of the mix. Black framed glasses have always been in fashion. Don't listen to the people who say its just for hipsters. One of my favorite icons, Elvis Costello as well as one of yours, Buddy Holly, made the geeky chic frames famous. If you have bad eyesight- why not look more fashionable and add a sense of flair to your look? Or try your own vintage eyewear and make them a part of your look!
This jacket is also a great winter jacket. These fur trimmed military inspired jackets have been huge this year. They solve the purpose of keeping you warm, but also help the more fashionably inclined to remain in style. 

I'm also a big fan of leather boots. As we have seen with some of the other Airport Attire blogs, they are the perfect travel wear. They are tough and durable but also very comfortable. You don't have to wear heels like some of the other starlets when traveling, to still look good. 

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  1. Wow, I haven't seen Mandy Moore in such a long time! She looks really stylish though, thumbs up to her!

    Elena from