Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY project: Wrap Bracelet

I was recently looking up some DIY fashion projects that I could do and stumbled upon this great take on friendship bracelets. Here is the original blog post at . Since I was coming back for my spring semester, I thought it would be a great time to do these necklaces for my friends as gifts.

I ended up putting the necklace around my wrist and making it into a wrap bracelet. I really loved how simple it was to make! (granted it took a few hours to make one, but it was well worth it). 

In order to make it a little more personalized, I added some charms to the bracelets that related to each of my friends. For me I put an ankh, which is the symbol for the key of life in ancient egypt. I've always been fascinated by egyptian history and thought it was a nice little personalization. 

Here are a few pictures of my bracelet:
 I think it goes pretty well with my Cartier Love bracelet. (And yes I know my nails are a completely obnoxious color. I can't stop painting them Mint Candy Apple by Essie). 

Try out this DIY and let me know how it goes. 

Cover Girl: Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene covers the latest issue of Teen Vogue. She appears in a retro inspired shoot. It was 50s spring themed with high necklines, pleated skirts, and striped cardigans.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mika Kunis at the SAG Awards

Mila Kunis looks radiant in this flowing Alexander McQueen gown. It's been belted to accentuate her slim waistline. Perfect dress for the SAG awards, which is a much looser environment. A great time to make a bold fashion statement like this vibrant red gown. 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Don't know what to get your valentine this year? No problem! I've compiled a list of some great Valentine's Day finds. 
Call My Direct Line Phone: This is a really, fun, cute gift for the girl who likes vintage decorations. Purchase this phone here: ModCloth for $55
Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoe: These are a great gift for Spring. They are distressed canvas and extremely comfortable. Purchase here: Nordstrom for $70
Blu Moon Hear Shaped Sunglasses: Funky shades that come in red, purple, and black. Purchase here: Singer22 for $22
 Disney Couture Prince Charming Necklace: mixed chain necklace featuring a ruby red glass heart lined in Swarovski crystal, then pierced with a gold-plated sword, which is actually the necklace clasp. Purchase here: Fred Flare for $98

Jennifer Zeuner Initial Signet Ring: comes in gold and silver. Purchase here: Singer22 for $198
Kiss Me Crystal Ring: gold ring with ruby red lips. Purchase here: NastyGal for $44
Take it to Heart Cardigan: Knit cardigan with embroidered white hearts. Purchase here: ModCloth for $60
Hermes H Enamel bracelet: Silver and palladium hardware. Purchase here: Hermes for $530. 
Lulu Guiness clutch: Studded padded lips clutch bag. Purchase here: Asos for $775. 
Heart Lock Diary: diary with grain leather and palladium hardware 5.5"W x 1"D x 8"H. Purchase here: Tiffany&Co for $175
Heart Key Charm: with pink enamel heart and sterling silver key. Purchase here: Tiffany&Co for $175. 
 100 Years of Fashion Illustration: 384 pages of fashion and art! What more could you ask for? Purchase here: Fred Flare for $40

 Cami and Short Gift Set: Purchase Here: Victorias Secret Pink for $30

 Our own Chickey Designs Gift Set: features our Que Sera Sera and La Bella Vita bracelets. Purchase here: Chickey Designs for $16.50

Hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

Cover Girl: Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima covers the February issue of Vogue Brazil. It has gotten some grief over the styling and the actual image as it does not look like your typical cover image. In my opinion this is a good thing. Beauty shots are typical for magazine covers, but this cover is much more asymmetrical as Adriana is found in a leaning sideways position. Another interesting part of this image is that her hair is floating above her. This changes up her look, and I read about a few people not being able to recognize her because of this fact.

The reason I think this is a good cover is that change can be beneficial. These fashion magazine covers appear monotonous after awhile. You lose track of which is which because they all look the same. The difference with this Vogue cover is that it grabs your attention because of the off center angle. This is what magazines strive for--getting your attention. 

The only critique I would give this is that the styling looks more like something you would find on french Vogue. The ruffled white blouse top and sequin blazer are much more European style-wise. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jessica Alba at the Gucci/Vogue Dinner

Jessica Alba wore a dazzling one shoulder cocktail dress to the Gucci and French Vogue Paris Fashion Week dinner.

Color Contrast in Film Posters

With this blog, I am trying to inspire you to look at things in a different way. Being a very visual person, I look to images for my inspiration for designs I create.Much of fashion is based on visual inspiration, look at the collections of many of the top designers. You'll find that an inanimate object or even a concept was the core inspiration behind their clothing lines.

I couldn't help but post about a huge visual trend in cinema. As I was searching through the internet, I came across the film poster to "I Am Number Four," the new movie featuring Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron. (I recently posted about a promotional photoshoot they did). 
If you look at film posters as much as I do, you will notice a blue/orange contrast. This is the most used color trend in film marketing. It's also one of those things that you will never forget once you see it. I first came across it a few years ago, and now I see it everywhere. It sort of begs the question, why haven't they tried other color schemes? 
The truth is, just like with fashion some trends become iconic. This is an example of that. Do you think the drastic contrast of black and white is the fashion equivalent to this orange/blue contrast?