Friday, October 15, 2010

Trend Watch: Felt Hats

Is Boardwalk Empire the driving force behind Hollywood's recent obsession with felt hats? The style on Boardwalk Empire is unmatched to any other television show on tv currently. It is both sophisticated and elaborate, showcasing the depth of fashion in the 1920s. A trademark of the 20s fashion is the attention to head wear for both men and women. So far men's felt hats from the 20s have returned to style. Check out the comparison between Boardwalk Empire and celebrities wearing this trend. 
 Sienna Miller
 Ashlee Simpson
 Nick Jonas
 Vanessa Hudgens
  Rachel Zoe
I am also a huge fan of men's hats (especially bowler, fedora, and top hats.) I have a constant growing collection which include mostly vintage pieces. Here is one of my newer hats that's a bowler. 

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