Monday, September 6, 2010

No White After Labor Day?

Wearing no white after labor day is a notorious fashion rule. However, do you know where this rule comes from? 

After searching online, reading every article, site, etc written on the rule I can honestly say there is no agreed upon reasoning for the rule. Many believe that it had to do with the fact that white clothes were lighter, more breathable and were thus associated with the summer months. By the time Labor Day arrived, it was time to switch to the darker, heavier clothing to prepare for fall and colder weather. Another belief is that white was worn by the well off 1930s Americans in the summer months when they left the cities for their vacation spots. By Labor Day they would return to the city, entering back into the hustle and bustle of the drab monotone colors of city life.

The rule is no longer so much a fashion faux pas, as much as it is an outdated saying. So here are my tips for wearing white after labor day. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Wear White in Fall or Winter:

1. A white cashmere or wool sweater can be a great piece to have. It makes a huge contrast to everyone else' dark wardrobe around you. White Cable Knit sweaters are great because of the added texture. 

Guys: A Cricket sweater can also look great and adds a level of sophistication. 

2. Wearing white jeans and pants is okay! It actually looks great against the snow. Many of your favorite fashion designers most likely have a collection of winter white because of this fact. Whether you're in the city or on the mountain, white pants can look fantastic and are a great staple to have in your closet. 

3. My last tip is more of a recommendation. If you aren't sure about whether to wear a pair of white shoes or boots, then don't. White footwear can easily turn into a mistake. Stick to the darker colored footwear: browns and blacks. If you really want to have a pop of color try wearing a bright red, which is one of this fall's big colors. 

No white after labor day? I beg to differ. 

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